Revolutionize Early Design and Preconstruction with 5D BIM

05/11/2020 8:00 am

5D BIM enables AEC professionals to get precise and accurate cost estimation and analysis. It uses various processes and cost considerations associated with a BIM project. With 5D implemented at an early stage owners and contractors can visualize budget risks and enhance the decision-making process. The combination of BIM processes and cost estimation software helps understand the impact of design changes on time and cost. With accurate project bids, general contractors can reduce estimation iterations, approximation requirements etc.

The benefits or opportunities of 5D Cost Estimation for BIM projects are as follows.

  • Accurate project forecasting and cost estimates
  • Comprehensive Quantity Takeoff’s
  • Real-time monitoring of Quantity Takeoff’s and Cost Estimates as per design changes
  • Quick and informed decision-making process for architects to boost project completion
  • Enhanced and real-time project collaboration among stakeholders from various locations 
  • Better Material Procurement for contractors based on accurate quantity takeoff’s and cost estimates
  • Enhanced cost and time savings with reduced rework, mitigated material waste etc.

The adoption of 5D Cost Estimation helps contractors and owners improve project design, add value to engineering decisions, save cost and time and garner higher ROI.

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